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Comprehensive Personal Financial Planning
Active Asset Management
Wealth-Keeping and Charitable Planning Strategies
• Corporate Benefits

 How We Do It

Comprehensive Personal Financial Planning

• Goal Development and Planning

• Asset Protection and Preservation

• Retirement Distribution Planning 
Depending on your needs and desires, we can prepare a comprehensive financial plan addressing many areas. Sometimes, however, a person does not need or want a comprehensive financial plan. They just want help in addressing one or two specific concerns or want a second opinion rendered on a certain matter.

Our Process

First, we listen. We listen to the client’s concerns and goals. Understanding our clients as unique real people with unique hopes, dreams, and fears is essential. Many of our clients have remarked that it is refreshing to find someone genuinely  interested in them.

Next we determine their strengths and weaknesses by analyzing their financial profiles including goals, ages, health, income, assets, employee benefit packages, tax brackets, and risk tolerance. Only then are we able to develop an investment policy and recommend a personalized plan of action that will help lead them to their goals.

We then coordinate the implementation of the plan, working with our sutomers' other advisors when necessary like an attorney, CPA, tax preparer, and their employee benefits department. If the client chooses, he or she can implement the securities and insurance recommendations independently or through Guardrail Financial and Insurance services.

Consulting by Scott M. Klein, CFP®), is available through a fee-based planning approach. Fee-based planning provides an agreed upon compensation amount for time and expertise rendered.

 Asset Allocation Management (e.g. using a diversified pool of stocks or mutual funds)

• $50,000 Minimum Account Size
• Asset Allocation
• Continuous Oversight

Asset Allocation Management is critical to the success of any comprehensive financial plan. After discussing your goals and particular circumstances with Scott, he will work with you to create an “Investment Policy Statement (IPS).” The IPS is the road map we use to guide investment decisions. It establishes reasonable expectations and creates the framework for a well-diversified asset mix to target acceptable long-term returns at a level of risk suitable to you.

In using an asset allocation management approach, we may call upon third-party money managers to conduct the day-to-day transactions. These managers are initially selected from the universe of professional money managers based on a management approach that is consistent with your IPS. At Guardrail Financial and Insurance Services, we regularly scrutinize whether the managers meet ongoing performance and suitability goals. 

Various investment vehicles might include:

Mutual Funds
Investment Property
Real Estate Investment Trusts
U.S. Government Notes and Bonds
Corporate Bonds and Preferred Stocks

In addition, you receive the following services as part of your investment management program:

Annual Investment Review Meeting
Current Online Portfolio Evaluation
Quarterly Reporting
Asset Allocation Plans
Ongoing Investment and Withdrawal Plans

Wealth-Keeping and Charitable Planning Strategies

• Help to Minimize Income and Estate Taxes
• Help to Maximize Current Income and Inheritances
• Increase Charitable Giving

 Corporate Benefits

We have worked with business owners and professionals since 1994, helping them safeguard, add value to, and diversify their number one asset: their business.

Corporate benefits planning addresses a variety of topics, including looking to established an employee benefit plan, formalizing succession or buyout plans for the business, and discussing the range of all-too-common mistakes that can be made in managing a business.

Corporate Benefits Planning and Related Services

  • Executive Business Planning
  • (Roth) 401(k), SIMPLE IRA, SEP IRA, and Profit-Sharing Analysis, Set-Up, and Management 
  • Employer-Sponsored Investment Plans 
  • Employee Benefit Planning: Disability Income, Long-Term Care, Life, Health, Critical Illness Insurance
  • Employee Educational Seminars 
  • Buy-Out and Succession Planning

Overall  Services- Financial Management
Your money and your quality of life—these are two of the most important topics concerning seniors and midlife adults today.

Since 1994, Scott has worked closely with hundreds of individuals, families, and businesses, delivering strategies to help them pursue the most rewarding, well-managed, and comfortable of financial lives.

Scott has demonstrated commitment to a thorough knowledge of the financial services industry, completing rigorous program requirements and continuing education credits as a financial advisor. His licenses include:

• Series 7 (General Securities Representative)
• Series 63 (Uniform Securities Agent)
• Series 65 (Uniform Investment Advisor)
• CA Life and Health Insurance License
• CA Property and Casualty Insurance License
• CA Variable Insurance License

In addition, he has attained the professional designation CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and in being schooled in talking through long term care planning decisions to families, has been published in the CLTC Journal (Winter 2005/2006) in talking to mid-life adults about their parents' planning for ongoing independence and dignity..

These licenses and the certifications, coupled with the extensive resources provided by Equitable Advisors as the broker/dealer, give Scott access to an unparalleled universe of support and services for you.

The Importance of Collaborating with Estate Planning and Income Tax Planning Professionals

Estate and Income Tax Planning are two distinct fields of planning that likely merit close attention in your financial life.

Although Guardrail Fianncial and Insirance Services and Equitable Advisors do not provide services in these two areas, a great benefit can be found in the support and expertise of the dedicated team of professionals and advisors you currently have in place. The task is likely too complex and overwhelming for any one person.

Estate Planning is a process through which you are able to make proper choices when it comes to the critical area of protecting literally everything you own and everyone you love. We can best understand the scope of Estate Planning by understanding what it tries to accomplish. Its goals include:

  • Assuring your control of property while you are alive
  • Wanting to give what you have to whom you want, the way you want, and when you want
  • Saving as possible every last tax dollar, professional fee, and court cost possible in the process

Income Tax Planning looks to your financial life in many different ways, from yearly income tax planning to intergenerational wealth planning. We work with tax professionals to help assure your income needs are met, along with the needs of your heirs. In many cases, such Income Tax Planning is essential to avoid having the U.S. Treasury Department be your largest beneficiary.

1. Guardrail Financial and Insurance Services and Equitable Advisors do not provide tax or legal advice. Please consult your tax and/or legal advisors regarding your particular circumstances